Executive Interventions

Whether you are concerned about a family member, colleague, friend or an employee, we can help motivate them to take positive actions for themselves and for their well-being through discreet and carefully planned interventions.

A common misconception on when to seek help is to wait until the addicted individual has hit an all time low or ‘rock bottom’. Unfortunately, addiction and mental health issues do not get better with time, in fact, in a very short period, things can escalate from bad to worse. Interventions are regularly and successfully organised to get reluctant patients to seek treatment. Interventions can serve as excellent stepping stones into a life-long recovery by providing the clients with the necessary perspective and inspiration.

There are various types of interventions that can be organised, suitability of each method greatly depends individual circumstances and preferences. Our intervention specialists will carefully analyse the needs of each client in order to utilise the most effective method or a combination of methods.


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