Complementary Therapies

Allowing you to be kinder to yourself.

As part of the Achilles Programme we offer and embed into your personal recovery and coaching plan a variety of soothing, healing, relaxing and transformative therapies to help you:

  • combat stress and avoid burnout,
  • reduce anxiety and depression,
  • lower your blood pressure,
  • promote restful sleep,
  • refresh, renew and rejuvenate your body and spirit,
  • learn about self-care, personal resilience and wellbeing.

Bring balance to cognitive, behavioural, and physiological systems all together.

These selective, high calibre and personalised therapies will help you learn how to listen to your body, deepen your connection to yourself, improve your health and reduce the likelihood of breakdown, burnout or relapse.

  • Shiatsu
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Tha Chi
  • Reflexology
  • Beauty treatments
  • SPA treatments
  • Massage therapies

Each individualised treatment programme is complemented with therapies proven to advance the process of healing and recovery.

Understanding personal wellbeing and how to create optimum work-life balance are not only enjoyable and healing but vital to creating sustainable high performance and a flourishing  long term recovery. So pamper yourself a little or even why not…a lot!