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  • Residential Treatment
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    Some of our clients will require a more structured approach to their treatment plan, and may well need to be away from the everyday stresses and strains of the conditions that contribute to their current condition.
  • Bespoke Solutions
    You focus on your healing, we focus on all your needs.
    Our bespoke solutions are designed to cater for high profile individuals with demanding careers who require totally confidential, private and personal one-on-one treatment....
  • New Life Coaching
    Coaching and Personal Development Programmes
    High performance coaching brings you complete coaching services that are specifically designed to help you create a more enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding life, well-being and recovery....

Who We Are

Achilles is a confidential premium “treatment” programme with extensive experience in creating, delivering and maintaining well-being strategies on behalf of top performing corporate employees. We create a bespoke “recovery” programme for key and influential, high performing stakeholders. Your consultation is totally confidential. From this we identify an individual plan to enhance the well being, physical and mental recovery to fitness and optimum performance.

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What We Treat

+Alcohol Abuse and Dependency
Alcohol dependent individuals exhibit a range of behaviours including the strong desire to drink alcohol to the point that it takes precedence over all other behaviours and, persistence to drink despite negative consequences, and physical withdrawal symptoms.
+Drug Abuse and Dependency
Drug abuse mainly destroys lives not only for the addict but for those that love and care for them. However, addiction can be treated with our treatment programme and the development of a support network for the client and their families.
+Prescription Medication and Painkillers
When someone has a Prescription drug addiction, it means taking a prescription medication that is not prescribed for you, or taking it for reasons or in dosages other than as prescribed. Abuse of prescription drugs can produce serious health effects and damage. .
+Anxiety, Stress and Depression
Anxiety and Stress is caused by external and internal factors alike. Increasing problems and pressure at work or at home can push the individual to breaking point but one’s physical well being and psychological make up can also play a part.
Burnout – Occupational / job burnout can be characterized by exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm and motivation, feeling ‘drained’ and also may have the dimension of frustration and/or negative emotions and cynical behaviour.
+Eating Disorders
Eating disorders refer to a group of conditions defined by abnormal eating habits that may involve either insufficient or excessive food intake which can have a detrimental impact on physical and mental health. Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa and Binge Eating disorder, are the most common types.
+Co-occuring Disorders
Dual Diagnosis is the term used to describe when addiction, simultaneously or sequentially, occurs with another psychiatric condition which encompasses bi-polar disorder, psychosis, anxiety and depression among others. Co-morbidity also implies interactions between the illnesses that affect the course and prognosis of both.
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